Poetry by | March 17, 2013

You are untouched inside my thoughts;
intangible — only a feeling, but a feeling
better than touch: a picture
definite and concrete
in a room where your name
is a color painted on walls.
Staying in, a fool morphs
into pages of poetry
from all that he sees.

Darylle Rubino is a graduate of B.A. English and majored in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines Mindanao.


Poetry by | June 12, 2011

time, the music planets make,
a dance between silences,
overtures of consciousness,
a requiem of meteorites
past nocturnes of breaths,
supernovas prelude black holes
and the song ends with a breakdown:

a chaotic larghetto of stars
more numerous than grains of sand—

end of playlist, untoggled repeat

Darylle Rubino recently graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a degree in B.A. English, major in Creative Writing. He was a fellow at the 2011 Iyas Creative Writing Workshop held in Bacolod in May.


Play by | October 24, 2010


Elmer, 26 years old, dressed in semi business attire, a drug runner

B, 23 years old, the younger brother of Elmer, in shorts and t-shirts, unemployed

Ely, 27 years old, a mob member, the right hand of the boss of a mob, he has a gun at the waist

An apartment. On centerstage is a sofa and in front of it is a small coffee table. There is a TV on the right side of the stage, opposite to it is a dining table for two. There is a lighter on the coffee table, a foil under it and a burnt spoon. The room is a mess, the floor is not swept, shirts and pants are scattered. The main door to the apartment is at the right side and a window behind the TV.

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Play by , , | August 1, 2010

In a cafeteria two recent friends meet by chance. Ringgo, who is hard of hearing, has his hearing aid disconnected from his ear. Jords is a ‘ngo-ngo’ who seems to be confident in conversations despite his condition. He is waiting for his new girlfriend, Magda.

Ringgo: (sees Jords from afar and approaches him) Oy! Musta na man ka pre?

Jords: Aw, oki ra kaayo.

Ringgo: Abi ko’g wa na ka’y problema?

Jords: Mao gani. Wala na ko’y problema.

Ringgo: Unsa lagi tong problema preng?

Jords: Wala uy. Amaw.

Ringgo: Unsa man pud latest na balita sa imoha preng?

Jords: Mao japon, trabaho, trabaho.

Ringgo: Kinsa’y kamangon bay?

Jords: Samuka ba! Tarong ba!

Ringgo: Aw. Lamokon bitaw diri bay.

Jords: Wala’y lamok uy. Aircon man diri sa cafeteria. Mag-sige ra pud ka’g agree.

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